Know how much do Life Coaches make!

The latest new profession nowadays is Life Coaching. Many people opt to become a Life coach because of their passion. You need to know the skills needed to focus on the life coach training. Life coaches work with the individuals and organizations to provide help to the clients in identifying their goals.

The goals can be personal or professional, and the relationship between the clients and life coaches must be flexible. You need to follow some steps to be a certified Life Coach and must gain proper knowledge on how much do life coaches make.

Know the factors that determine the working hours, salary and other additional revenues of the Life coaches which are as follows:-

  1. Range

The salary range of life coaches depends on their experience like the life coaches that have less than one year experience are expected to earn not more than $40,000 per year. Salary goes on increasing with the experience, and after the great experience of eight to ten years, you get a salary of $80,000 maximum.

  • Work structure

The life coaches need to have a flexible relationship with their clients. They must manage their work at an hourly rate while some of the life coaches have a salary that is fixed with the organization. The life coaches also get some bonus for their volume of work and the number of clients they have attracted.

  • Location

The salary scale depends from one state to another. The salary depends on the technologies that are being used by the life coaches and the quality tools they are using.

The salary of life coaches depends on the number of factors like the fees generated, sessions, experience, and many others. The life coaches that have a great experience get additional bonuses also.

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